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Art has always been precious link between humans throughout history. From the 40,000 year old paintings of Maros Caves to the first Crypto punks NFTs, Art defied frontiers, cultures and differences to bring people together. It showed the beauty of humanity even in the darkest periods.

Thus, Art belongs to every human on the planet. It should been seen and felt by each and every one of us. Unfortunately, in our world, this is not the case. A big part of the iconic art belong to private owners.

As an example, among the 20 most expensive and well known paintings, only one piece is owned by a museum. The rest is owned by royal families, oligarchs and billionnaires . This unfair situation has to change. It is time for ordinary people to do something extraordinary!

Most of the revenues raised from the sale of Take Art Back NFTs will be used to acquire some of the most valuable art pieces in the world. Afterwards, they will be shown all around the world to the public. This is simply the biggest revolution the art world has ever seen.

For TakeArtback team, it only made sense to do it via an NFT collection. We embrace the crypto ideology that the most should have the power. This is David vs Goliath, Gamestop vs the hedge funds, Oridnary people vs the establishment! As history has shown, we will prevail!

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